Harvey & Steele Marketing Services


We create brands that stick out.

Plain and simple. Your message to your ideal client in a visually stimulating and easily digestible way.

If our branding services were an animal, they would be a jaguar. ‘Cause we create brands that are oh so beautiful, recognizable, and focused on a target. So, whether you’re just beginning or facing your next professional hurdle, we’re here to help your brand stick out like a porcupine at a nudist colony.

-  Branding DNA Consulting
-  Brand Development
-  Local, National, & International Positioning
-  Messaging
-  Logo Design & Development
-  Website Development


You’ve got all the right branding ingredients, now it’s time to bake the cake.

Let us cook up a customized interface for you that digitally engages consumers, utilizes growth driven design to increase conversion rates, is sharp enough to spot trends and stay ahead of the curve, and is flexible enough to ride the waves of an ever changing online landscape. Yeah, that’s right, we’re your marketing yogi and we have your back in creating a platform that catapults your brand into the stratosphere with nirvana like bliss. You’ll have the power of a lion and the charm of a housecat.

-  Marketing/Internet Marketing Consulting
-  Content Creation and Writing
-  Customized Graphics/Marketing Materials
-  UX/UI Design
-  E-commerce
-  Mobile Friendly Design
-  Website Optimization
-  Online Presence
-  Corporate Presence
-  Community Presence

Growth Driven Engagement & Campaigns:

You have an interesting story to tell and we’re here to help you share it. Exponentially.

We combine your 1. on point branding, 2. fresh-as-you-know-what platform, and 3. the business you love to launch curated campaigns with lasting impact. We want to expose you (in the best way possible) to the world through skilled placement, bespoke marketing, and seamless delivery. You’ll have the intelligence and beauty of a leopard, the speed of a cheetah, and the rallying cry of a pride leading lioness.

-  Strategy Consulting
-  Social Media Consulting
-  Social Media Management
-  Social Media Campaign Management
-  Blogging/Vlogging Consulting
-  Customized Marketing Materials & Graphics
-  Email List building
-  Lead Generation